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Delicate and vibrant, fleeting and perennial ... so is the paradox of a flower.  So quick to fade as I capture their essence with my paintbrush.  Their fragrance and beauty stay with me long after the paint has dried.

Thistle #3. 

White metal frame. 21 x 21 $150

Daisy Wild #4. 

framed. 18 x 24 $250

Pink and Blue Flowers in Window. 

Silver Frame. Blue Mat. 22 x 18. $150


Bachelor Buttons #2


Peonies with Buds


Sunflower 2


18" x 24" $250

Three Tulips


Orchid #3

18" x 21" $150

Sunflowers 5


Pink Flower Cluster

 14" x 17.5" SOLD


20.5" x 24.5"  SOLD

Still Life

Nothing is ever really still.  There is movement in the shapes, colour that warms and cools. Our eyes are constantly moving in rhythm with it all ...

Little Bowl of Fruit

Watercolour and Ink

17" x 20" $100

More Flowers

Click the arrows below for a garden tour ...

Cluster Of Pink Flowers


18" x 24" $250

Lavender Fields

Thistle One 


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