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Architectural Paintings

My travels have taken me to many countries.  Old buildings have a mystical quality that fascinates me.  The history of a place is preserved and carried forward into the future in the bricks and mortar of the stunningly beautiful old buildings.

Little Brick Cafe


17" x 15"  $150 sold


Edmonton's Little Brick Cafe is nestled in the river valley in the Riverdale neighbourhood.

Canada Permanent Building 1910

White Mat Light Birch Frame

12"x16"  $100

Block 1912

White Mat Light Birch Frame.

12"x16" $100

Parliament Buildings (misnomer)

Watercolour and Ink

14" x 11" 

Golden Dome

Watercolour and Ink white mat, white frame.

21"x21" $200

Fisguard Lighthouse Victoria


Ukrainian Church In Snow

Thin black metal frame

17" x 21" $250

Alberta Legislature #3 

Black metal frame

 14" x 18" $150

Fisguard Lighthouse

Watercolour & Ink 

16 x 20" $150

High Level Diner 20 x 16 watercolour $150.jpg

Going Down The Stairs

 White Mat

 14" x 16" 

St. Tropez, Cote d'Azur

 Watercolour and Ink

 non-glare glass, solid maple frame

 26 x 22 $400

Arc de Triomphe Paris

Watercolour and Ink

Non Glare Glass. Solid Maple Frame 

26" x 22" $400 SOLD

Galerie D'Art, Nice, France

Watercolour and Ink

Non-glare Glass, Solid Maple Frame

22" x 26" $400 SOLD

Bell Tower, Cotignac

Non-Glare Glass, Solid Maple Frame, 

24.5" x 18" Sold

Dutch Summer Palace

 Black Frame, White Matte

 30" x 40" Sold 

Notre Dame Cathedral 

Watercolour and Ink on wood block

.. Archival varnish 

  12 x 16.  $120

Trinity Church.

White Mat, Light Birch Frame

12" x 16" $100

House in Saskatchewan


Rue de Moulins

Non-Glare Glass, Solid Maple Frame

18" x 24.5" Sold

Sacre Coeur, Paris, France

 Non Glare Glass, Solid Maple Frame

 26" x 22" Sold

Strathcona CPR Station

 Print, Dark Brown Frame, Black Mat

 25" x 21", $120

Tourtour, France, Sunlit Alley

 Non-Glare Glass Solid Maple Frame,

18" x 24.5" Sold 

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